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Anderson,  Whales on Stilts    Lily must foil the plot of her father's conniving boss to conquer the world using an army of whales.              

 Avi,  *Crispin  Falsely accused of theft and murder, an orphaned peasant boy in fourteenth-century England flees his village and meets a larger-than-life juggler who holds a dangerous secret.

 Babbitt,  Tuck Everlasting  The Tuck family drinks from a magical spring and suffer pangs of eternal youth.

 Bauer,  On My Honor  When his best friend drowns in a river they were forbidden from, a boy must tell his friend’s family of the tragedy.

 Cooper,  The Dark is Rising  Adventures in the supernatural as Will takes part in the conflict between good and evil.  PB

 Creech,  The Wanderer  A girl and her cousin record their adventures aboard a 45 ft sailboat enroute to England


 George,  *Julie of the Wolves  An adventure about a 13 year-old girl and the wolf pack that adopts her in the Alaskan tundra     

 Levine,  Ella Enchanted  Ella struggles against the childhood curse that forces her to obey any order given to her.

 Lowry,  *The Giver  Jonas is chosen to be the person responsible for receiving and keeping all memories of the past.

 MacHale,  Pendragon   Fantasy/adventure book series: Journals of an adventure through  time and space.   PB

 Martin,  The Doll People   A porcelain doll family, that has lived in a doll house for 100 years, is taken aback when a plastic doll family moves into the house.

 O’Dell,  *Island of the Blue Dolphins  Indian girl is left alone on an island for ten years.

 Paulsen,  Canyons   Finding a skull on a camping trip in the canyons of El Paso causes a young man to become entwined in the fate of an Apache Indian   YA

 Paulsen,  Hatchet  A 13 year-old boy spends 54 days in the wilderness after a plane crash.

 Rodgers,  Freaky Friday   A 13 year-old girl spends a day in  her mother’s body.  PB

 Ryan,  Esperanza Rising  A young girl and her mother are forced to leave Mexico and wealthy lifestyle to work in the U.S. labor camps during the depression.

 Sachar,  *Holes  A young boy is sent to a hellish correction camp in the Texas desert and ultimately breaks a family curse.

 Silverstein,  Where the Sidewalk Ends  Poems by a popular children’s poet will have the whole family laughing.

 Spinelli,  *Maniac Magee  After his parents die, Jeffrey’s life becomes legendary.        

 Taylor,  *Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry  A black family in the depression struggles with hardships of poverty.    


  *Denotes Newbery Award