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jE         Armstrong, Jennifer
            Once Upon a Banana
jE         Bang, Molly
            When Sophie Gets Angry--Really, Really Angry
jE         Beaumont, Karen
            Move Over, Rover!
jE         Falwell, Cathryn
            Turtle Splash! Countdown At the Pond
jE         Fleming, Denise
            Alphabet Under Construction
jE         Fleming, Denise
            Mama Cat Has Three Kittens
jE         Henkes, Kevin
            Kitten’s First Moon
jE         Krans, Robert
            Leo the Late Bloomer
jE         Lum, Kate
            What! Cried Granny: An Almost Bedtime Story
jE         McMullan, Kate
            I Stink
jE         Rey, Margret
            Curious George series
jE         Seuss, Dr.
            Dr. Seuss books
jE         Shannon, David
            Duck on a Bike
jE         Shulevitz, Uri
jE         Slate, Joseph
            Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten
jE         Stevenson, James
            Don’t Make Me Laugh
jE         Wells, Rosemary
            Bunny Money
jE         Wells, Rosemary
Max & Ruby series
jE         Zimmerman, Andrea
            Trashy Town