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Dictionaries and Encyclopedias:

  • All Words All Words is an English dictionary with multilingual search
  • AskOxford.com this site offers an array of resources to help visitors make the best use of the English langauge. (SR)
  • Cambridge Dictionaries:
    Cambridge Dictionary of American English,
    Cambridge International Dictionary of English,
    Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs or
    Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms.
  • _Chamber's Book of Days_ a collection of On this Day trivia, short pieces, and other interesting tidbits, including history, literature, biography, and oddities of human life and character.
  • The Devil's Dictionary written by Ambrose Bierce. (SR)
  • Dictionary.com
  • OneLook Reverse Dictionary users can type in a concept into a search engine and receive a list of words and phrases related to that concept. (SR)
  • _Dictionary of Phrase and Fable_ a collection of more than 18,000 entries that reveal the etymologies, trace the origins and otherwise catalog 'words with a tale to tell.'
  • Phrontistery Lists of words, interesting and obscure.
  • Scottish Dictionary ...incorporates both the twelve-volume Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue and the ten-volume Scottish National Dictionary. (RB)
  • A Dictionary of Slang mostly British slang. (LII)
  • Dictionary of Units of Measurement This site is put together by Russ Rowlett, the Director of the Center for Mathematics and Science Education at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. (RB)
  • Emily Post's _Etiquette_
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Encyclopedia of Law and Economics from the University of Ghent, Belgium, the Encyclopedia of Law and Economics Website is a broad-based collection of resources pertaining to economic and legal issues throughout the world.
  • Encyclopedia of Western Signs and Ideograms
  • An Etymological Dictionary of Classical Mythology A searchable dictionary of English words whose derivations are drawn from classical mythology. (LII)
  • Online Etymology Dictionary features a search engine. (SR)
  • The Exploding Dictionary Gives definitions and hyperlinked definitions. See for yourself.
  • Free Online Dictionary of Computing contains over 13000 entries related to all things geeky.
  • Free Dictionary.com English, Medical, Legal, Financial, and Computer Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Acronyms, Encyclopedia, a Literature Reference Library, and a Search Engine all in one
  • Reference Encyclopedia and Reference Source.
  • The Internet Language Dictionary an online dictionary of internet terms. (SR)
  • Law Dictionary
  • Lexicool a directory of translation dictionaries and glossaries. (RB)
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  • Meta Glossary offering definitions for over two million words, phrases, acronyms, etc. (RB)
  • On line Computing Dictionary define computer terms and all manner of techno babble.
  • OneLook Dictionaries A search engine for words. (SR)
  • Pseudo Dictionary find words that aren't in regular dicitonaries.
  • Encyclopedia of Psychology links to Psychology sites on the Web. (LII)
  • Semantic Rhyming Dictionary For writing poetry, song lyrics, or just for fun, Doug Beeferman's rhyming dictionary can help you find perfect rhymes (jeroboam) or those that match just the last syllable (geranium.)
  • OneLook Reverse Dictionary (SR)
  • The Visual Dictionary Have you ever wondered what the various parts of a guitar are called? Perhaps you need a refresher on the various types of dresses? The Visual Dictionary website covers both topics in copious detail, along with offering up information on transportation, biology, and the human body. Essentially, the site offers annotated images that identify each part of a given item, such as an automobile or a musical instrument. Visitors can search the site by using the embedded search engine or they can look over a list of topics. The coverage is quite broad, as users will find everything from the detailed anatomy of a turtle to an exploration of a car's engine. One can imagine that these materials might work well in a classroom setting, as well as for those who are just generally curious about the world around them. (LII)
  • WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary You can find Ending rhymes (blue/shoe), Last syllable rhymes (timber/harbor), Double rhymes (conviction/prediction), Beginning rhymes (physics/fizzle), or First syllable rhymes (carrot/caring). (TB)
  • ASL University This site is a curriculum resource for American Sign Language [ASL] students, instructors, interpreters, and parents of deaf children. It features a dictionary of words with photos of proper movements, a baby's first 100 ASL signs tour, finger spelling lessons, number lessons, material about ASL grammar and history, and more. From the director, ASL Online and Immersion Programs, Sacramento State, College of Continuing Education. (LII)
  • Sign Language Dictionary Learn signs, or review ones you know, this site has animated signs.
  • American Sign Language Browser
  • Deafness: Choices of Communicationresources related to Deaf culture. (LII)
  • Quotations Book e have 40,000+ quotes by 7,000+ people with hundreds added each day! (LIB)
  • Proverbs, Maxims, and Phrases Compiled by Robert Christy
  • Skeptics Dictionary: A Guide for the New Millennium.
  • On-line Dictionary of the Social Sciences
  • Strange and Unusual Dictionaries Available on this site are the White Queen's Dictionary of One- Letter Words (over 700 entries), the Dictionary of All-Consonant Words, and the Dictionary of All-Vowel Words.
  • The Word Spy The Word Spy looks at emerging words and phrases, old words used in new ways, and existing words brought back to life. (LG)
  • World Wide Words The site focuses on the history of the English language and the development of new words, offering definitions and histories of words and phrases, as well as numerous short articles on various aspects of the language, book reviews, usage notes, and a phonetic key. (SR)
  • Your Dictionary.com a portal for online dictionaries, giving you links to more than 1800 dictionaries representing more than 230 languages.