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  • Daily Med DailyMed provides high quality information about marketed drugs. This information includes FDA approved labels (package inserts). This Web site provides health information providers and the public with a standard, comprehensive, up-to-date, look-up and download resource of medication content and labeling as found in medication package inserts. (LIB)
  • DrugCite  database of information about prescription and over-the-counter medications, allowing you to look up the possible side effects of specific drugs and see statistics about their reported problems
  • Drugs at FDA A database listing most brand name and generic drug products approved by the Food and Drug Administration since 1939, including prescription and over-the-counter human drugs currently approved for sale in the United States, as well as discontinued drugs. (LII)
  • HelpingPatients.org a database of drug assistance programs offered by 48 member companies of the PhRMA ( Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America ). (RB)
  • Drugs.com this site has a pill identifier. (RB)
  • DrugWatch a comprehensive Web site database featuring extensive information about thousands of different medications and drugs currently on the market or previously available worldwide.
  • DrugDigest information for consumers on drugs, herbs, and supplements. (LII)
  • Drug Information Portal This database, launched in February 2008, provides information about over 12,000 drugs, including prescription and non-prescription drugs, dietary supplements, drugs of abuse, and investigational drugs. Searchable by generic or brand name, or browse resources by drug class or by audiences such as the public or librarians. Also includes news, featured drugs, and related resources. From the National Library of Medicine (NLM); database compiled from NLM and other government sources. (LII)
  • Heroin: Abuse and Addiction Frequently asked questions (LII)
  • Medical Reference annotated lists of sites dealing with consumer health. (LII)
  • Find a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan this site is maintained by Medicare.
  • Understanding the New Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Lots of information on the new Medicare drug plans.
  • MedicineNet this site, among other things, has a drug interaction tool. (RB)
  • MEDLINEplus: Drug Information Information on thousands of prescription and over-the-counter medications is provided through two drug resources -- MedMaster, a product of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), and the USP DI Advice for the Patient, a product of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). (LII)
  • Mercury and Vaccines (Thimerosal) information about CDC thimerosal research, and basic information about thimerosal. (LII)
  • Michigan Prescription Drug Price Finder Rx Price Finder Web site to help the citizens of Michigan compare prices among pharmacies (RT)
  • PillBox from the National Institutes of Health, Pillbox enables rapid identification of unknown solid-dose medications.
  • Familydoctor.org: Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicines Fact sheets on over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, which are medicines you can buy without a prescription from your doctor. Some of the topics covered include drug interactions, drug-food interactions, allergic reactions, groups at risk for adverse effects (such as children and pregnant women), active ingredients in OTC medicine, and specific OTC drugs such as antihistamines and pain relievers. From the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). (LII)
  • Electronic Orange Book: Approved Drug Products With Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations Wondering if your prescription or over-the-counter drug has an approved generic counterpart? This U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) resources provides consumer information about federally approved generic equivalents of drugs. Searchable by active ingredient, proprietary name, applicant holder, application number, and patent. Includes an FAQ. From the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. (LII)
  • Over-the-Counter Medicines: What's Right For You? Guide to understanding and deciding whether to use nonprescription, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. Subjects include how to read a label, drug interactions, checking for expired medicine, pregnancy and breast-feeding, giving OTC medicine to children, child-resistant packaging, and protecting yourself from tampering. From the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA). (LII)
  • Thimerosal in Vaccines Site includes a FAQ discussing topics such as removing thimerosal from vaccines and the potential relationship between autism and thimerosal, information about the toxicity of thimerosal, and tables with thimerosal content of vaccines. (LII)
  • RX List comprehensive
  • US Pharmacopeia
  • National Institutes of Health: Office of Dietary Supplementsprovides research and safety information. (LII)