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Other Health Resources:

Disability Resources

  • ADAPT: American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today information on alternatives to nursing home care. (LII)
  • Disabilities Information for Journalists from the Center for an Accessible Society. (LII)
  • Disability Info.Gov from the Federal Government, includes a state and local resources map, letting you find resources close to home. (RB)
  • Emergency Preparedness and Individuals With Disabilities contains basic information on emergency preparedness, transportation accessibility, and evacuation methods for certain modes of transportation, such as transit and rail systems ... for individuals with disabilities, their family members, and care givers. From the Department of Transportation (LII)
  • Michigan Commission for the Blind (MCB) The Michigan Commission for the Blind (a state government agency)provides state- and federally funded services to legally blind people of all ages in every county of the state, so that people who are blind or visually impaired can be independent and/or employed in the careers of their choice. Services are provided in-home, at week-long Mini Adjustment Program seminars held at various locations around the state, and at the residential MCB Training Center in Kalamazoo. Specific services include training in skills of blindness (such as using a white cane or dog, reading and writing Braille, getting around indoors and around town without vision, using kitchen appliances and cooking without vision, etc.), adaptive aids, and more. Business services are provided to businesses that employ people who are legally blind, so that qualified blind employees can find jobs and remain on the job. For more information, call MCB toll-free from anywhere in Michigan: 1-800-292-4200.
  • Michigan Disability Resources find the services and programs for people with disabilities offered by the State of Michigan as well as other sites of interest. Whether you're looking for assistance in finding a job, want to learn about the latest assistive technology, or have a question about your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act, you will find it here. (RT)
  • Spinal Cord Injury Resource Site lots of information on spinal cord injuries, including books, rehabilitation centers, information on research, etc. (SR)
  • Women with Disabilities This new site from the National Women's Health Information Center offers a plethora of resources of interest to women with disabilities and those who work and live with them

Health Advance Directive information

  • Planning for your Peace of Mind: A Do-it-Yourself Guide to Medical and Legal Decisions explains and provides copies of two important documents:
    -Durable Power of Attorney
    -Advance Directives for Health Care
    These forms are THE legal documents Michigan citizens use to provide instructions about health care should they lack the ability to make decisions themselves. Among those powers are refusal of medical treatment, withdrawal of medical treatment, and do-not-resuscitate orders. Living wills are not recognized by Michigan law and therefore not included in the Peace of Mind booklet. The Michigan Statutory Will, which is recognized by Michigan Courts, is included.
  • Consumer's Tool Kit for Health Advance Planning This tool kit contains a variety of self-help worksheets, suggestions, and resources [for creating health care advance directives]. ... The tool kit does not create a formal advance directive for you. Instead, it helps you do the much harder job of discovering, clarifying, and communicating what is important to you in the face of serious illness. (LII)

General Resources

  • MedlinePlus: African-American Health Collection of links to sites about health issues of importance to African-Americans. Topics include prevention and screening, nutrition, genetics, research, statistics (suicide, cancer, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, and more), and material for men, women, and children. From the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). (LII)
  • AllRefer Health General health reference.
  • Asian American Health An information portal to issues affecting the health and well-being of Asian Americans in the United States. (LII)
  • AMA Site [RealPlayer, .pdf] Provided by the American Medical Association (AMA), this site contains a very large collection of general yet authoritative health information aimed at the ordinary reader.
  • BetterU News BetterU News is a free online newsletter that offers quality information regarding health and fitness. (SR)
  • Body1.com to empower wellness through technology. (LII)
  • CAPHIS 100 This site lists and briefly reviews 100 quality Websites using Health Summit Working Group guidelines and other criteria. (SR)
  • Complete Home Medical Guide
  • Discovery Health comprehensive and not too technical.
  • Health Care.gov Take health care into your own hands
  • Healthopedia a medical and health consumer information resource containing comprehensive and unbiased information in patient-friendly language from trusted sources on over 1,500 health topics, 70 focussed health centers, and more than 11,000 drugs and medications.
  • Journey to Wellness: An Online Health Magazine For African Americans This website features articles on health issues affecting African Americans, covering general health, disease and prevention, faith and wellness, and consumer health topics. Includes archived broadcasts of the Journey to Wellness radio talk show (hosted by Dr. Mary Harris) that broadcasts on CNN Radio and other stations. The website and radio show are produced by a communications company specializing in the production and dissemination of health care information targeted to ethnic minorities. (LII)
  • Dr. Koop's Health Page
  • Medical Dictionary For nurses and other health care professionals who seek to distinguish the habitus from the humerus, this online medical dictionary provided by MedicineNet will be a place to bookmark for repeat visits. (SR)
  • Surgeon General Reports on the Web [.pdf] from the National Library of Medicine. Search for reports from the Surgeon General.(SR)
  • InteliHealth
  • healthfinder Espanol -- HHS Spanish language version of the Health and Human Service's Healthfinder page. (SR)
  • healthfinder -- HHS provides sources information and is intended to serve as a guide for pragmatic, health-related decision-making. (SR)
  • Johns Hopkins Public Health Magazine Each issue contains news briefs, feature articles, expert essays, and a number of online extras. Visitors can read the most current issue, or they can delve into the online archive, which dates back to 2001. (SR)
  • LOCATORplus -- National Library of Medicine's online catalog. This site allows users to search the catalog and mail the results back to themselves. It also has a tutorial feature.
  • Mayo Health Diseases and Conditions
  • MedLine
  • MedLine Plus quality health information from reliable sources in English and Spanish.
  • Medical World Search Medical World Search is a search engine for medicine and medicinal topics
  • Med Terms E-dictionary of medical terms
  • _Merck Manual of Medical Information - Home Edition_
  • _The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy_ (seventeenth edition)
  • MyHealtheVet a library of online educational and health promotion materials on healthy living to enable Veterans to take control of their own health resources.
  • Natural Health Information Centre The Natural Health Information Centre is a resource dedicated to bringing the latest and most important information on natural health to everyday people. It is our aim to clarify many of the controversies currently raging in the world of natural health care and to ensure that everyone has access to the natural health information that is essential in order to prevent, treat and even recover from many common diseases.
  • PDR.net: Getting Well Network Information for lay people on detecting, preventing, and treating a variety of medical conditions. (LII)
  • State Health Facts Online information on health and health policy information for all fifty states and US territories. (SR)
  • Understanding Sports Injuries
  • WebMD Health focuses on prevention.


  • Peanut Allergies news, discussion, etc. (LII)
  • Arthritis Foundation online edition of _Arthritis Today_ magazine, a place for visitors to ask questions about arthritis, and a search engine that allows visitors to learn about related programs and events in their region. (SR)
  • The Human Brain Provides information about nutrition, brain injuries, lead poisoning, the effect of exercise and stress on brain functions, and related health topics (LII)
  • Antimicrobial Resistance from the National Center for Infectious Diseases. (LII)
  • The Body Explained BioEdOnline from the Baylor College of Medicine has been producing high-quality educational resources for a number of years, so it's nice to learn about their rather fun and informative The Body Explained resource. Narrated and hosted by Cassius Bordelon, PhD, this video production answers a number of common questions about how the body works. The segments are quite brief, and they may just spark a new interest in a curious student. Currently, there are around a dozen or so segments offered on the site, and they cover topics such as why our ears pop, why we sneeze, and what causes hiccups. Interested parties can also download the short segments for use in their classroom. (SR)
  • Cell Phone Facts: Consumer Information on Wireless Phones how cell phones might or might not affect health. From the FDA. (LII)
  • Centerwatch Resources on clinical trials, including lists of trials recruiting patients, background information, and ongoing trials.
  • ClinicalTrials.gov From the National Institutes of Health, information on clinical trials around the country.
  • MayoClinic.com: First Aid Guide from the Mayo Clinic (SR)
  • Family Health History Newsletters from the Michigan Genetics Connection Resource Center.
  • Genetics Home Reference: A Guide to Understanding Genetic Conditions from the National Institutes of Health. (LII)
  • Extreme Heat Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about heat exposure and the prevention of heat-related illnesses. The site features a FAQ about extreme heat, tips on prevention and managing heat, and information sheets for heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat rash, heatstroke, and sunburn. Also includes a bibliography and related Web links. In English and Spanish. (LII)
  • U.S. Surgeon General's Family History Initiative Offers a computerized tool, called My Family Health Portrait, which can be downloaded and used to identify and track important health disorders which have occurred in one's family. (RT)
  • myPHR: Personal Health Record This website provides consumer information about health records, covering the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), health care record privacy rights, obtaining health records, and instructions for creating a personal health record. From the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), a professional organization of health information management professionals. (LII)
  • Dept. of Health and Human Services: HIPAAInfo on HIPAA from the Office for Civil Rights.
  • Health Butler information on screenings, immunizations, and healthy habits in addition to e-mail reminders and health tracking tools.
  • The High Altitude Medicine Guide provides current medical information on the prevention, recognition, and treatment of altitude illness, as well as other health issues affecting travellers to high mountainous regions of the world.
  • The Hormone Foundation current information about hormones and endocrine disorders. (LII)
  • New Scientist Special Reports: Stem Cells Collection of news stories about stem cell research, cloning, the ethics of stem cell therapies, and related topics. Includes an overview of stem cells, and a small selection of links to related websites. Some articles are available only to paid subscribers. From the website for New Scientist magazine. (LII)
  • Massage Therapy 101 Visitors will sections such as “Massage Techniques”, “Massage Oil”, and “Complimentary Therapies”. The “Techniques” is a great find, and it contains information on acupressure, aromatherapy, and shiatsu. The section on massage equipment provides basic information on the necessary equipment that one should have when embarking on a career in the field. A FAQ section that provides answers to such questions as “How will a massage feel?” rounds out the sit (SR)
  • MedlinePlus: Infertility A compilation of links to information about infertility. Topics include anatomy and physiology, diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials, research, and genetics. Includes information specific to women and men. Some material available in Spanish. From the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). (LII)
  • Resolve: The National Infertility Association The site features fact sheets about trying to conceive, treatment options, emotional aspects, adoption, pregnancy and parenting, and living childfree. Also includes information about advocacy efforts, male infertility, clinical trials, affordability, and more. (LII)
  • Big Picture Book of Viruses The Big Picture Book of Viruses is intended to serve as both a catalog of virus pictures on the Internet and as an educational resource to those users seeking more information about viruses (SR)
  • Eye Wear from Medline Provides links to resources on eyeglasses and contact lenses. Covers topics such as reading an eyeglasses prescription, selecting eyeglass frames for your face type, buying contact lenses on the Internet, selecting sunglasses and sports eye protectors, and what to do with old glasses. (LII)
  • EXTOXNET [Frames] Information on pesticides and other toxic chemicals, including heath effects and risks
  • Family Health International (FHI) works to improve reproductive and family health around the world. (LII)
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome basic information about FAS, fact sheets on alcohol use and pregnancy, and details of the FAS education and prevention activities of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (LII)
  • HealthyComputing explains the correct ergonomics of computing. (LII)
  • Household Products Database This database links over 4,000 consumer brands to health effects from Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provided by the manufacturers and allows scientists and consumers to research products based on chemical ingredients. (LII)
  • Join Together A free resource for communities working to reduce substance abuse and gun violence.
  • Lab Tests Online find out what those tests really test (LII)
  • National Marrow Donor Program ...a non-profit organization that facilitates bone marrow, blood stem cell and umbilical cord blood transplants for patients around the world with life-threatening blood disorders. (LII)
  • Mold Collection of documents about mold and its effects on human health. Includes a FAQ, fact sheets on specific molds, cleanup and remediation guidelines, discussions about mold and dampness in indoor spaces, and related material. Some material available in Spanish. From the National Center for Environmental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Makes you glad we don't live in New Orleans or the Hurricane Alley. Source: Librarians' Internet Index New This Week, October 20, 2005. (RT)
  • NHGRI Glossary of Genetic Terms [RealPlayer, .pdf]. The National Human Genome Research Institute provides this site to help people understand the terms used in genetic research.
  • Overweight and Obesity from the Centers for Disease Control. (RT)
  • Osh.Net links to Occupational Health and Safety resources.
  • PSNet: Patient Safety Network patient safety news, literature, tools, and resources. (LII)
  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response information from the Centers for Disease Control. (LII)
  • Quack watch
    Your guide to health fraud, quackery, and intelligent decisions
  • Rand Health Compare For visitors who know there are multiple problems with the U.S. health care system, but are puzzled by proposed reforms, this website is a great
    resource.  The RAND Corporation, a non-profit institution that tackles tough
    policy problems across a broad spectrum, has a website devoted to learning
    about this very important and complex issue.
  • Respiratory System (Lungs and Breathing) from Healthopedia. General information about the respiratory system, including diseases, diagnoses, symptoms, and tests.
  • Respiratory System pictures From Healthopedia
  • Rollins School of Public Health
  • Medline Plus: Sports Injuries Exercising and playing sports can lead to a sound mind and body, butsports- related injuries can be frustrating for anyone. This very helpful site, offered as part of the Medline Plus series from the U.S. National Library of Medicine, contains dozens of fact sheets, media presentations, and other items regarding various sports injuries. Visitors who know exactly what they need can click on over to the Related Topics area on the right-hand side of the homepage, where they will find resources on everything from ankle injuries to general wellness. Their homepage also contains sections like Basics, Research, and Multimedia & Cool Tools. Two items that are definitely worth checking out are the tennis elbow tutorial and the basic overview of sports injuries offered by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. (SR)
  • NIMH: Suicide Prevention Compilation of background and news about suicide prevention topics, including statistics, recommendations to the media for reporting on suicide, documents on nationals efforts concerning suicide prevention, and booklets on topics such as depression and suicide in older adults and antidepressant medications for children and adults. Also includes information for researchers and links to related resources. From the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). (LII)
  • Vision: Lighthouse International The website for this organization provides information about vision disorders and resources for independent living, vision care, education, and support for the visually impaired. The site includes descriptions of eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma; many include simulations showing what the world looks like when one has disease. The independent living guide features videos demonstrating safe kitchen and cooking procedures for individuals with vision problems. (LII)
  • What about Men's Health This site explores health risks which are of concern to men.
  • A to Z Yoga A practical and inspirational site for anyone who wants to promote harmony and well-being in their life with yoga.
  • Yogabasics Everything you need to know about Yoga.