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Contact Information:

Street Address:

316 W Webster Ave.
Muskegon MI 49440


Fax:  231-726-5567

Email Addresses:

Reference Department (askus@hackleylibrary.org)

Genealogy and Local History Department .

Want to ask a question when you're away from the computer? Send a text to our email account!

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Virtual, Real-time Reference

Would you like to be able to ask your reference questions in real time, through instant messaging?

If you have IM software, see the table below for the appropriate screen name.

If you don't have IM software install one of the services listed below by clicking on the Icon of the software of your choice. Our screennames for each of the IM clients are listed next to the link to their software.

You can also contact us by sending a text message to our email address:  askus@hackleylibrary.org

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide chat reference unless you have IM software of your own.



 This will be part of our regular reference service, along with our in-person and telephone reference services. In other words, the same person will be answering all types of questions at the same time, so please be patient.


The IM service will be available during regular, open hours of the Library:

Monday-Tuesday: 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Wednesday-Saturday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Service Reference Local History
AIM hackleyref hpllocalhistory
MSN hackleyref@hotmail.com hpllocalhistory@hotmail.com
Yahoo hackleyref Hackley_Local_history_1
Google Talk hackleyref@gmail.com hpllocalhistory@gmail.com


Name Position Voice Mail E-Mail
Ferriby, Martha Director ex 223 mferriby@hackleylibrary.org
Ames, Lynn Technology Specialist ex 224 lames@hackleylibrary.org
Hamilton, Cassandra Youth Services Librarian ex 229 chamilton@hackleylibrary.org
Johnson, Dorothy Circulation Manager ex 231 djohnson@hackleylibrary.org
Kroes, Mary Susan Technical Services Librarian ex 237 skroes@hackleylibrary.org
Houseman, Bob Head Custodian ex 227 rhouseman@hackleylibrary.org
Local History   ex 240  
Dershem, Kim Administrative Assistant ex 222 kdershem@hackleylibrary.org
Murphy, Mary Assistant Director ex 241 mmurphy@hackleylibrary.org
Quinn, Denise Business Manager ex 271 dquinn@hackleylibrary.org
Reference Desk   ex 228 askus@hackleylibrary.org
Shaw, Jocelyn Librarian/Web Mistress/Adult programming ex 272 jshaw@hackleylibrary.org
Youth Services Dept   ex 230