JULY 1 • Saturday. ALL DAY

Family Game Day  

Come upstairs to the Youth Services Department to enjoy classic and new board games.

Our only rule is that everyone has fun and nobody knocks over any Monopoly boards!

JULY 8 • Saturday 2:00 PM

Minecraft for Kids  

What did the coal ore say to the bedrock: Why so low?

Unearth your own corny Minecraft jokes while you build with other players. Registration is required.  Visit www.hackleylibrary.org/events to save your place.


JULY 15 • Saturday 2:00 PM

All About Owls  

What do you call an owl dressed in armor? A knight owl! Live owls are coming to visit the library.

Although they won’t be wearing any armor, you can learn why they make such great predators.

Instructors from the Blandford Nature Center will share their expertise and even show us how to dissect owl pellets.

Space is limited to 30 participants. Registration is required.

Visit www.hackleylibrary.org/events to save your place.


JULY 19 •  Wednesday 2:00 PM

Catapult Attack!  

Plan it, build it, fire it! We’ll give you all the supplies you need to build and take home

a working catapult--a small one, of course!


JULY 22 • Saturday 2:00 PM


Discover these minirobots new to the library! They are small but mighty.

We’ll learn how to program them to do many different tasks from driving forwards to dancing.

No robot experience is required!


JULY 29 • Saturday 2:00


Put your architect mind to the test and design your own Lego creation.

You have an hour to build and then we’ll vote on the best results.

Winners take home a prize!