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Please use the Library's BACK Door

(off the alley between the Library and the church)

during the construction!  

Summer Reading
On Your Mark, Get Set, READ!
If you haven't already signed up for Summer Reading,
come on in & register.
Remember -- our game starts on Monday, June 20.
You need to read at least one book at your level each time 
you play.  You can spin for prizes once a day. 
Sammy the Frog Author Jamie Chester
Visit with Games and Fun
2:00 PM Wednesday, June 22
Join local author, Jamie Chester, as she gets kids excited about reading and showcases her Sammy the Frog series
while exploring fitness, fun, and friends.  
Kids will play a game for prizes, make a craft, and have a snack.  
Get set for reading fun.
Kiddie Hip Hop Fitness
2:00 PM Saturday, June 25
Join Bliss Dance Concepts owner Rebecca Jackson
for a chance to dance at the library.  Learn new hip hop moves
to get you active and involved for the summer.
Storytime Toybox
6:30 PM Monday, June 27
Read a story.  Make a craft.  Play a game and have a snack.  
Storytime Toybox is a great way to get your toddler ready for school.  For ages 3 - 5.
Pizza & a Paperback for Lunch
12:00 Noon Wednesday, June 29
Keep those reading levels up through the summer
and conquer the 4th grade slump.  
Come to HPL for Pizza & a Paperback,
a lunchtime easy reader program
that will keep kids reading through the summer.  
This is specifically for ages 6 - 9 and/or 1st - 3rd Grade,
kids who are already reading.
Remember -- You can play our Summer Reading Game
for fun prizes
and a chance at the big prizes
each time you come to the library -- as long as you've read at least one more book  at your level each time you come.
On Your Mark, Get Set, READ!