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Come Play at HPL for Toddlers
Stoytime Toybox
6:45 PM Monday Evenings
Hear a story!  Do a craft!  Sing a song!  Play with toys!
All these activities will help turn your preschooler
into a strong reader and motivated student.
Learning is fun at HPL!
Call 231-722-7276, ext. 230 for Storytime Dates!

Read Early, Read Often!  
Add more books to the
1000 books before starting school list
that will help your child succeed in school.  
Did you know that reading just 20 minutes each day
with your child makes a BIG differerence
in his or her ability to do well in school?
  Reading entertains, educates and inspires.  
Let's have some fun!
VISIT the library with your children!
Here are some fun, new books to read with your children:
Gaston  by Kelly DiPucchio
Scaredy Kate  by Jacob Grant
Three Bears in a Boat by David Soman
Hooray for Hat! by Brian Won
Bad Bye, Good Bye by Deborah Underwood
Look for them in our Picture Book Section (jE)

Welcome to Storytime

These are fun sessions where we share stories, fingerplays, games, songs and some simple crafts. We are looking forward to spending time with your children, and we hope it will be a rewarding experience for them! At occasional storytime sessions we might have a treat for the children. We try to avoid candy at all costs and usually have fruit, cookies, crackers or cheese. If for any reason your child cannot have such a treat, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange something else for him or her.


                                                       CHECK US OUT!

Taking books home from the Library is an important part of storytime. Read the stories, talk about the pictures--make books and reading family activities!

Areas to look for good books include: 398´s: folk and fairy tales; 500´s: animal, dinosaur and science books; 800´s: poetry and 200´s: Bible stories. Of course the picture book section is where you´ll find most of your selections, but don´t forget to check the juvenile fiction for chapter books to read to the entire family!


                                                       WEATHER ALERT

The Library does not close often, but if we do, we let the local radio and television stations know. If in doubt, call the Library before setting out.


Looking for some tips on hosting your child´s first real birthday party? Feeling a little stressed about a recurring behavior problem? Are homework blues a nightly problem at your house? Check out the Youth Services Department´s Parenting Collection This collection of titles has been chosen to provide information, enlightenment and a little entertainment to parents as you face the demanding yet rewarding job of raising a family