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Consumer Resources:

  • Identity Theft Information about identity theft from the Federal Trade Commission. Find how identity thieves work, how to minimize your risk, what to do if you are a victim, how to file a complaint, applicable federal and state laws, examples of recent cases and scams, and links to additional sites, publications, reports, and testimony. Includes the publication, ID Theft: When Bad Things Happen To Your Good Name. (LII)
  • Identity Theft Resource Center visitors can access victim information guides, learn about recent (and some ?classic?) consumer scams. (SR)
  • Benefits Checkup.com a free service of the National Council on Aging (NCOA), a nonprofit service and advocacy organization in Washington, DC. that helps identify benefits that could save you money and cover the costs of everyday expenses.
  • Eldercare.gov  provides information about local agencies and organizations that support seniors.
  • Deposit Rates a free site which provides unique US and international bank interest rates ,currency and risk research information. In particular it provides interest rates from the major institutions in the US which you can compare to Asia or Europe.
  • Experion
  • Equifax
  • TransUnion
  • Credit Bureau contact information
  • Facts for Consumers: Credit Scoring Fact sheet on credit scoring, a system creditors use to help determine whether to give you credit. Discusses the credit scoring model, what individuals can do to improve their credit score, the reliability of the credit scoring system, what happens if you are denied credit, and how to file a complaint. From the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). (LII)
  • Free Annual Credit Reports-What Consumers Should Know from Mike Cox, Michigan Attorney General
  • Free Annual Credit Reports
  • Get a Human Check here for how to reach a human at various companies around the world.
  • Your Credit Score: How It All Adds Up Consumer fact sheet on credit scoring, a grading system that adds or subtracts points based on select data in your credit report. ... Your final grade -- your credit score -- is said to measure how likely it is that you will repay a loan. Discusses factors used to determine credit scores (such as payment history and amount owed), ordering credit reports, and tips for improving your score. From the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. (LII)
  • Your Credit Scores Questions and answers about credit scores, number[s] that help lenders and others predict how likely you are to make your credit payments on time. Uses the FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) score system to show the factors affecting a credit score, such as payment history. Includes examples of actions you can take to boost scores, and contacts for credit reporting agencies. From the Consumer Federation of America and the Fair Isaac Corporation. (LII)
  • Privacy information from the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Chasing Green  interesting ways to have a smaller footprint.
  • Retrevo This search engine is designed for finding product reviews and buying guides, troubleshooting tips, manufacturer information, and related material for consumer electronic products. The Examples section lets users browse through vendor names for reviews and manuals, and the Products section provides digital camera, camcorder, TV, and other electronics reviews. Also includes a blog. (LII)
  • Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy