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  • Autosite.com Repairs/ Maintenance
  • AutoGuide.com information on comparison shopping for cars online.
  • AutoByTel information on pricing and specifications, safety data, manufacturer incentives and vehicle reviews to help you make your buying decision. (RB)
  • Automotive.com New and used cars
  • Autobytel dedicated to consumers who are researching and buying new or used vehicles. The site provides interactive tools for car shoppers to complete their research.
  • Buying a car
  • Automotive News from Car and Driver
  • Auto Reviews from Car and Driver
  • CarCare.org: Be Car Care Aware 'Be Car Care Aware' is a consumer education campaign about the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair. (LII)
  • The Car Connection.Com: The Web's Automotive Authority lots of information on cars. (LII)
  • CarInfo provided by consumer advocate and auto expert Mark Eskeldson, lots of information on cars to help you buy, lease, or repair. (LII)
  • CARS.Com A comprehensive car information site
  • Cartalk Featuring Click and Clack of radio and newspaper fame.
  • Carsurvey.org a database of reviews of cars submitted by owners. (LII)
  • Popular Mechanics: Drive Green Compilation of articles, video, and blog entries about energy-efficient driving and alternative fuel vehicles. Includes features on new technologies, test drives of new vehicles, analysis, tips, and related material. From the website for Popular Mechanics magazine. (LII)
  • Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guide
  • The Edmunds Green Car Guide This buying guide features articles on fuel-efficient cars, alternative fuels and new technologies (such as biodiesel, electric, and compressed natural gas), hybrid vehicles, improving gas mileage (covering hypermilers, who try to beat the EPA average fuel economy ratings), and oil and gas prices. From Edmunds, producers of consumer automotive information. (LII)
  • EPA Fuel Economy Site 2001 Update [.pdf] From the EPA, this site allows users to compare mpg across models, among other nifty things.
  • GasBuddy.com GasBuddy.com can help you find cheap gas prices in your city. It is a network of [over] 180 gas price information web sites that helps you find low gasoline prices. Search for prices by ZIP code. Information is member-supplied. Registration (free) required to post gas prices on most of the gas sites or to create a fuel log for tracking your expenses. Includes tips for conserving gas, links to news stories, and other resources. (LII)
  • Green Vehicle Guide From the EPA: a site to help find the most fuel efficient vehicles. (SR)
  • Hemmings information about antique, classic, vintage, muscle, street rod, and special interest cars. (RB)
  • Kelley Blue Book Blue Book values on used cars and trucks. (RB)
  • NADA Guides guides to used cars.
  • The Old Car Manual Project a collection of manuals, brochures, and even some advertisements for old cars. (RB)
  • SuperCars showcases sportscars from the last 100 years. (RB)
  • True Car Local new car prices.
  • Truth about Cars a comprehensive resource center featuring car reviews on over 40 different makes of cars and includes a price comparison.
  • Used Cars Find a used car or truck at CarsDirect.com. Research cars and trucks online to find the right one to meet your needs.
  • Windshield Information  Everything you always wanted to know about windshields
  • Fatality Analysis Reporting System -- NHTSA [Java]



  • The African Cookbook: Menus and Recipes from Africa (LII)
  • AllRecipes.com You can even print these out on recipe cards.
  • All Choked Up Recipes using baby artichokes, which (unlike the mature artichokes) are rendered entirely edible with just a little trimming. Includes a roasted artichoke salad, lamb stew with artichokes, and linguine with caramelized artichokes. Note: Use search box on this page to find additional articles about and recipes for artichokes. From Sunset magazine. (LII)
  • Barbecue'n on the Internet Tips and information for cooking outdoors over wood, charcoal, or gas. (LII)
  • Beyond Vegetarianism: Transcending Outdated Dogmas information about alternative diets. (LII)
  • Blueberry Web Page recipes using blueberries, and lots of other blueberry information. (LII)
  • CakeRecipe Lots of recipes for cakes.
  • Calorie Counter free and non-commercial web site that has taken the USDA National Nutrient Database and made it available in the quickest, easiest and most usable format it has ever been in before. A search of any food instantly brings up the full nutrition facts for that food such as calories, protein, carbs, fat, sodium, cholesterol, vitamins and much more.
  • Cheap Cooking You'll find frugal tips for cutting back on your grocery bill, cheap recipes and shopping hints, money saving tips and techniques, and a downloadable grocery list and price book. (LII)
  • The Chitterling Site soul food and reader provided recipes. (LII)
  • Chocolate your online source for links related to chocolate. (RB)
  • Chocolate: The Exhibition This companion site to an exhibit at the Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago) looks at the history of chocolate, the cacao tree and cacao farming, chocolate processing, eating chocolate, and related topics. (BWN)
  • Chocolate Drink Recipes
  • Chocolate Chemistry: Mix of Chocolate Dessert Recipes
  • Cooking Light Online information and recipes about healthier eating. (LII)
  • Crockery Kitchen Recipes for your crockpot (LII)
  • Ethnic/Cultural and Special Audience Food Guide Pyramids learn how the FDA's food guide pyramid works with ethnic/cultural foods. (LII)
  • Epicurious Holidays: Hanukkah, Festival of Lights Collection of recipes and cooking ideas for Hanukkah, including traditional foods such as latkes and sufganiyot (Israeli jelly donuts), vegetarian recipes, seasonal menus, kosher wine suggestions, baking projects such as rugelach and cream cheese Hanukkah stars, and more. From Epicurious. (LII)
  • Epicurious: Seasonal Cooking Collection of resources for seasonal and local cooking, including seasonal ingredients, a peak season ingredient map for the U.S., visual introductions to foods such as peppers and mushrooms, farmer blog, and recipes. From Epicurious. (LII)
  • Farm Market and U-Pick Directory from the State of Michigan guide to picking fresh produce in Michigan.
  • Five Mushrooms multi-recipe search engine site, to help when you have specific ingredients and need a recipe. (LH)
  • Food Reference recipes, articles on food, etc. (SR)
  • Food 411 the ultimate resource for everything on the Web related to online food shopping opportunities; gourmet foods, ingredients, recipes, cooking, and dining, food blogs, unique gift ideas, meals delivered... (LII)
  • Food on the Table create a customized list based on family preferences and local sales.
  • Food Reflections: Ingredient Substitutions provides substitution suggestions from food professionals for ingredients such as butter, eggs, and flour. (LII)
  • Foodspk.com Recipes from around the world. (LII)
  • How Do I? ... Freeze Extensive list of freezing recommendations for specific foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fresh herbs, and prepared foods. The list includes a step-by-step presentation on freezing strawberries and freezing information for less commonly covered foods, such as chayote squash and mayhaw juice. From the National Center for Home Food Preservation at the University of Georgia. (LII)
  • Garlic Central information about growing garlic, storage tips, a photographic guide to crushing garlic, recipes (many of which are vegetarian), a nonmedical overview of potential health benefits and uses, quotes about garlic, brief garlic lore, a list of garlic festivals, and more. (LII)
  • Gateway to Government Food Safety Information consumer information on food safety. (SR)
  • Global Gourmet
  • Christmas Recipe.com
  • Cookbooks on line
  • A Deep Fried Delicacy: The How-To on Deep Frying Turkey Deep-fried turkey, a concept that started in the South, is gradually rising in popularity nationwide. This site provides guidelines for deep-frying turkey, including equipment, ingredients (with links to specific recipes), location (outside), preparation, and safety tips. Gives detailed information about selecting, filtering, and storing frying oils. From the National Turkey Federation, a turkey industry organization. (LII)
  • _The Dietary Guidelines for Americans_, From the USDA and DHHS.
  • Food Network.com: Holiday Archives Recipes and menus for major and some minor holidays (including April Fool's Day, Mardi Gras, and Oktoberfest). Cooks will appreciate the sidebar topics that pop up with every recipe: Terms and Tips Encyclopedia, Culinary Q and As, Ingredient Substitutes, and Fat and Calorie Calculator. (LII)
  • Home Food Safety find out how to keep your food safe (LII)
  • iVillage Recipes iVillage offers quick and easy recipes and a recipe finder tool.
  • The Jewish Food Mailing List Archive recipes, information on menus, preparation, etc. (LII)
  • Joyofbaking.com everything you need to know about baking. (LII)
  • Martha Stewart Recipe Database need a recipe for an exotic dish? Check here.
  • Wild About Mushrooms: The Cookbook of the Mycological Society of San Francisco serves not only as a reference for how to clean, cook, and preserve them, but as a culinary guide to recipes that will bring out their varied flavors to full advantage. (LII)
  • Mr. Food:  Quick and Easy recipes
  • NetCooks Check out more recipes here, or submit your own.
  • My Food-a-pedia a comprehensive food database brought to you by the USDA Center for Nutrition.
  • Nutrition Data Nutrition Facts Analyzer.
  • Nutrient Data Laboratory from the USDA, this site has detailed nutritional information. (LII)
  • OchefQuestions and answers about food and cooking. Search, or brows by topic such as dairy and eggs, equipment, safety, sauces and dressing, and seafood. Includes material about the history of ingredients and holiday menu ideas. Also includes links to items for sale. A daily publication of Food News Service, which syndicates food news and articles to newspapers, magazine publishers, and Internet sites. (LII)
  • Good Enough To Eat: Olives Drab? Grow or Cure Your Own This article provides detailed instructions for curing olives kalamata-style, using a salt solution, vinegar, and herbs. From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. (LII)
  • Pillsbury Bakeoff Recipes (LII)
  • Popcorn! recipes, nutrition, arts and crafts, and more! Also available in Spanish. (LII)
  • Home Preserving Pumpkins ideas and safety tips for various methods of preserving pumpkin flesh and seeds, including canning, freezing, drying, and pickling. (LII)
  • Ready Set Eat recipe database that includes ingredients, prep time, and user reviews
  • Recipezaar a HUGE assortment of recipes and cooking tips provided by surfers ... who love to whip up tasty treats. (LG)
  • Simply Soups: The Ultimate Comfort Food There's something extremely satisfying about a hot, bubbling pot of soup on the stove on a cold winter's night. Use this site to find dozens of recipes for broths and stocks, chilis, chowders, cream and cheese soups, onion soups, and vegetable and meat soups. Also includes recipes for dessert soups, fruit soups, and a listing of cold soups. (LII)
  • Snack Attack: Coping With Cravings from Webmd. (LII)
  • Super Cook Supercook is a new recipe search engine that finds recipes you can make with the ingredients you have at home. To begin, simply start adding ingredients you have. The more ingredients you add, the better the results will be. (DS)
  • Soul Food Cookbook celebrating the culinary delights born from the Black/African American, Jamaican and Caribbean cultures. (LII)
  • State Fair Recipes award winning recipes from State Fairs around the country. (LII)
  • Sushi Links information on many aspects of Sushi. (LII)
  • BBC Food: Tea Brief overview of tea drinking in the United Kingdom, covering history, traditions, and instructions for preparing tea. Includes recipes for afternoon tea, such as sandwiches, biscuits, and fruit tarts. From the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). (LII)
  • Tiramisu: Heaven in Your Mouth a comprehensive site on this dessert. (LII)
  • Vegetarian Holiday
  • VegCooking If you are looking for a wealth of recipes that include everything from spinach to figs, you’ve come to the right place when you browse on over to the VegCooking site. Developed as a service by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), this very comprehensive site offers up a wide range of vegetarian recipes, products, and even information about worthy vegetarian restaurants around the country. Visitors can start by looking at the VegCooking Blog area, which includes such fun sounding titles as “Isn’t That Just Pumpkin” and “Peace, Love, and Cosmic Oatmeal”. For those seeking a bit of visual stimulation, there is also a link to “VegCooking TV” on the homepage. Here, visitors can learn first-hand about how to make items like spinach-asparagus wraps and kale with portobellos and almonds. Additionally, visitors can look over some vegan recipes and read a piece titled “Intro to Veganism”. (SR)

Home Repair

  • Answers at Ace Animated videos accompany directions for dozens of home projects and tasks, such as building a picnic table or determining size requirements for an air conditioner. (LII)
  • Appliance411.com consumer information site about major appliances. (LII)
  • Ask the Builder Search Tim Carter's columns on home improvement or ask a question.
  • Home Repair good starting point for beginners
  • Better Homes and Gardens Lots of information for your home.
  • Concrete Source everything you want to know about concrete
  • Do It Yourself The Community for Household Hints, Home Repair, and Remodeling.
  • Doors and Windows Has helpful information on doors and windows, including replacement doors and windows.
  • DIY: Do It Yourself Network the place to look for projects that you can do yourself. (LII)
  • Family Handyman similar to the monthly magazine.
  • Garage Storage by Reader's Digest
  • Green Guide Dubbed the 'green living source for today's conscious consumer,' the Green Guide makes living in an environmentally-aware way easy, understandable, and practical. The site features product reviews (for items such as shoes, appliances, bedding, cosmetics, household cleaning supplies, personal care items, and pest control techniques), lists of ingredients to avoid, articles (such as on what happens to donated clothes), videos, blogs, and more. Also includes information about the associated print publication. From National Geographic. (LII)
  • GreenHomeGuide Everything is going green these days, and more and more builders and homeowners are actively seeking to incorporate energy efficiency elements into their residences. The U.S. Building Council has sponsored this site to provide expert know-how on how to create green information regarding countertops, bathrooms, landscaping, stone & tile coverings, and flooring. First-time visitors can get a sense of the site's mission by looking through some of the recent Ask A Pro questions.
  • Handyman USA FAQs, expert forums, an e-mail newsletter, and tips for energy conservation and appliance maintenance. (LII)
  • HGTV: Home and Garden Television information for the home and garden. (LII)
  • Home Depot good project information.
  • Home Doctor
  • Home Improvement Blog the main focus of our blog is to help homeowners with the remodeling process
  • Home Improvement Toolbox tools for making your home more energy efficient. (BWN)
  • Home Improvement: Tools Collection of illustrated articles on techniques for using tools for home improvement projects.
  • Popular Mechanics Archives: Tools hand and power tool topics, including purchase and use of specific tools, product reviews, and tool tests. (LII)
  • This Old House: Tools and Materials Articles on the selection and use of tools (hand and power) and materials for home improvement projects. (LII)
  • Home Repairs by Reader's Digest
  • Home Time companion to the TV show, takes you through projects
  • Home Tips 'home improvement advice, buying guides, free online editions of How Your House Works and The Home Problem Solver, and much more.'
  • Homeowners Guide  An informative guide about home care and maintenance
  • How to clean anything more than 1,000 tips from a group of cleaning professionals for cleaning your house, yard, vehicles, pets, and belongings. (LII)
  • National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) for consumers designing their dream kitchen or bath. (LII)
  • Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse easy to use information on home improvement and appliance instructions.
  • Natural Handyman article index
  • Popular Mechanics web version of the magazine.
  • Recycling Center literally anything and everything you could want to know about recycling including green shopping links, home recycling options, nearby recycling centers, and links for a few key recycling web resources. (LIB)
  • Roof Guide Have a roofing question? Tell us about it. Each week we choose several questions for our roofing experts to respond to, yours could be next! (Due to the number of questions received we cannot promise your question will be answered.)
  • Roof Help guidance on roofing.
  • Roofing Key information on roofing.
  • Tax Credit Info for Energy Savings
  • This Old House Online from PBS (LII)
  • Build the Ultimate Tree House Illustrated step-by-step instructions for building a tree house. Includes a materials list, lumber buying tips, and directions for building the frame, floor, ladder, railing, and roof. From FamilyFun.com. (LII)
  • The Treehouse Guide Collection of material about tree houses. Features building advice (such as construction tutorials, waterproofing and choosing a tree tips, and learning about building regulations), book reviews, a discussion forum, and links to related sites. This site is a companion to a site that sells tree house plans. (LII)

Saving Energy