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Music Resources:


  • Freegal:  download music for free with your HPL card! 
  • All But Forgotten Oldies Listings contain an icon which will play you a song clip, the title of the song, artist, and year. Click on the song title to get information on all songs appearing on the album where the clicked song appears. Click on the artist for a complete list of songs by that artist listed on this site. (SR)
  • AMG's all music guide
  • Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics created and maintained by David Dodd, Branch Manager of the Civic Center Branch of the Marin County Free Library, and co-author of _The Grateful Dead and the Deadheads: An Annotated Bibliography_. Lyrics and what they mean!
  • Archive of Misheard Lyrics
  • Louis Armstrong Discography access comprehensive information on Armstrong's recordings, sessions, and the composers.
  • The Beatles.com [QuickTime, Flash, Shockwave, Windows Media Player]
  • The British Invasion -- EB [RealPlayer, Quicktime, Shockwave]. Info on the British rock bands of the 1960's
  • Chiff and Fipple: The PostStructural Tinwhistle Internet Experience the ultimate guide to the instrument known as the tinwhistle, pennywhistle, Irish whistle or just plain whistle (LII)
  • Country Music Hall of Fame brief biographies of the inductees, country music timelines, and information about educational programs at the museum. (SR)
  • The CyberBass Project devoted to choral music and groups, created by a member of several symphony choirs. (LII)
  • Enjoyment of Music Online Tutor Listen to a selection of more than 250 musical excerpts as you take the quizzes, review transitions between eras, or learn more about 80 composers. Also includes timelines relating to musical eras (Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and 20th century), and links to additional material for composers such as Johannes Brahms, Claude Debussy, Franz Liszt, and Richard Wagner. From W.W. Norton and Company. (LII)
  • Max Hunter Folk Song Collection [RealPlayer, AIFF] this site is a terrific resource for students and fans of traditional American music.
  • Free Scores links to sites with free scores for a variety of insturments, and mp3 arrangements. (LII)
  • Gold and Platinum Database find out who's recordings have gone Gold or Platinum (RB)
  • Chordbook.com: Guitar Chords One can't be sure what Duane Eddy or Andres Segovia might think of this interactive guide to guitar chords, but hopefully they would approve. Offered up by Chordbook.com, this online guitar chord primer takes novice and experienced guitar players through all sorts of chord variations and possibilities. Visitors can start by looking over the Help below the virtual guitar, as it goes over how to turn the capo on and off, tuning settings, and how to store favorite chords via the My Chords feature. The interactive guitar is quite easy to use, and visitors will want to recommend this site to friends, colleagues, and other musicians. (SR)
  • A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments Images and descriptions of medieval and Renaissance instruments such as the bagpipe, harp, dulcimer, harpsichord, lute, viol, hurdy-gurdy, and recorder. Some sections include sound clips and related links. From the Iowa State University Department of Music. (LII)
  • Harmonicas searchable subject index of over 375 links (RB)
  • Index of All Things Hi-Fi Search for things related to stereo equipment.
  • Klezmer Shack news on Klezmer music, reviews, information. (LII)
  • Guide to Medieval Music
  • Mel Bay’s Creative Keyboard monthly online magazine that explores various aspects of piano music. (SR)
  • Midomi Search for music by singing or humming part of a song. All you need is a microphone. (DS)
  • Music find a song when all you know is the song's tune. (LIB)
  • Music History 101 A survey of Western Classical music from the Renaissance to the present
  • Music in the Public Domain this site gives an overview of what is available in the public domain, and information on the rules for using public domain music.
  • Music Station News from the world of music.
  • Musipedia [Windows Media Player] Musipedia is a searchable, editable, and expandable collection of tunes, melodies, and musical themes. (SR)
  • MusOpen a database of online public domain music which has been recorded by individuals or orchestras and stored here online for free access. (LIB)
  • Musictheory.net [Macromedia Flash Player] contains over 30 interactive lessons on such topics as the triad inversion, major scales, key changes, and diatonic seventh chords. There are also a number of helpful trainers here as well, including an interval and brass trainer, among others. (SR)
  • VH1 Newswire
  • The Musical Instrument Makers Forum ' A well-managed hobbyist site, with user forums, for acoustic guitar building, electric guitar making, archtop guitar building, violin making, dulcimer making, mandolin building, banjo building, or any other type of lutherie; pickup winding and rewinding; drum making; flute and recorder making and repair; brass instrument building and repair; and more. ' (LII)
  • Musopen an online music library of copyright free (public domain) music.
  • Mutopia Collection of several hundred classical music scores available in various text formats, some with MIDI audio files. (LII)
  • Piano world everything you need to know about pianos, including piano tuners, teachers, dealers, movers, restorers, buyers, rentals, tuning schools, and performers and artists
  • Interactive Recorder Fingering Chart
  • Rocklopedia Fakebandica: The Ultimate Fake Band List fictional rock bands. (LII)
  • Second Hand Songs: A Cover Songs Database Find out who performed the original version of a particular song, or who covered that song. Features a database searchable by song, artist, or album, lists of newly added and recent songs, and related material about cover songs. The Guidelines section includes the website's definitions of original and cover songs, partial covers, samples, remixes, and other terminology. From a group of fanatic cover song lovers. (LII)
  • Sing Along Music and MIDIs from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (!). Includes hard to find Patriotic songs.
  • Sound Junction Through interactive games, musical excerpts, interviews, and other such devices, the SoundJunction site is a great way for anyone to learn about music. (SR)
  • WesternSwing.com information about western swing. (LII)


  • America's Jazz Heritage [RealPlayer] America's Jazz Heritage is a partnership of the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund and the Smithsonian Institution that is focussed on the preservation and presentation of the history of jazz.
  • Jazz Roots: Early Jazz History this site offers a nice introduction to the development of the idiom, along with information about the various musicians and composers who contributed to this truly American art form. (SR)
  • The Jazz Review [RealPlayer] This site seems to have something for almost every jazz fan.
  • Red Hot Jazz Archive [RealPlayer, VivoActive] this site is a solid resource for anyone interested in the early history of jazz. (SR)



  • Opera AmericaOverall Opera site
  • OperaGlass If you can't remember a particular aria from Gounod's Faust or a certain detail from the song contest at Wartburg, this site dedicated to opera may be just the ticket. Created and maintained by Rick Bogart, a research scientist at Stanford, the site provides access to libretti, source texts, performance histories, synopses, discographies, and so on. The site also contains an opera information directory, which features an opera composer index containing 4800 entries. Moving on, those who might be new to the wonders of opera will appreciate the Opera For Everyone CD's, which are offered here at no charge. Visitors can use the music here to learn about four classic operas, including La Traviata and Madama Butterfly. The site is rounded out by a list of operas requiring six or fewer singers and a calendar of operatic commemorations. (SR)
  • The World of Opera This website should prove useful and interesting to the most dedicated opera aficionados and opera neophytes. The World of Opera brings listeners compelling performances from top American and international opera companies. Beyond just performances, World of Opera goes beyond traditional, operatic vernacular to showcase opera as anything but an elitist form of art. Each opera presented here is accompanied by a short introductory article (with an available audio version as well). After the introduction, visitors can view video clips from a performance, listen to interviews which may include a conductor, stage director, and performer of the show. Also available is a short synopsis of the opera, act-by-act, as well as additional links to related NPR stories. Overall, this is a fantastic site dedicated to the World of Opera and it does a remarkable job of making this art form more accessible. (SR)
  • Metropolitan Opera

Sheet Music

  • Choral Wiki one of the world's largest free sheet music sites. You can use CPDL to find scores, texts, translations, and information about composers.
  • Historic Sheet Music from the University of Oregon Libraries.
  • Music for the Nation from the American Memory Project.
  • Indiana University Sheet Music This web site allows you to search some of the holdings from the Lilly Library's approximately 150,000 pieces of sheet music, including those for which there are digitized images available. (LII)
  • The Maine Music Box Created through a collaboration between the University of Maine's Fogler Library and other Maine libraries, The Maine Music Box contains hundreds of digitized sheet music scores from five major collections. First-time visitors to the site will want to click on the About Maine Music Box project as a way of getting started. Here they can check out the User Information area, which contains helpful tips on viewing the music and how to best browse the entire database. Additionally, those with a penchant for technical details and information science in general can also learn in copious detail how the database was created for this project. From there, visitors can move straight away into the main collection. Visitors can browse the collection by music subject, sheet music cover art, or just type in their own keywords. One of the best ways to look over the collection is to browse around in such areas as Instructional Violin, Maine Collection and Parlor Salon Collection. It's also worth remarking that this site may inspire a sing-a-long, a campfire get-together, or a miniature Chautauqua. (SR)
  • Mozart Sheet Music Over 600 pieces or Mozart's sheet music are available. (LIB)
  • Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music historical sheet music, searchable by author, subject, and song title. (SR)
  • The Sheet Music Collection Mississippi State University Libraries. Charles H. Templeton Sr. grew up playing the oboe and the piccolo, and during his life he cultivated an intense passion for music, and for four decades he collected hundreds of musical instruments, various recordings, and over 22,000 pieces of sheet music. In 1987, the donated his entire collection to his alma mater, Mississippi State University. On this site, visitors can view almost 6,000 pieces of sheet music from his collection. As Templeton had a rather catholic taste in music, the collection includes foxtrots, show tunes, war songs, blues, movie tunes, and ragtime numbers. It's a great collection, and visitors can browse by composer, date of publication, genre, or title. From All Quiet Along the Potomac To-night to Zulu Love Song, there really is something for everyone in this sheet music collection.
  • Sheet Music Consortium an open collection of digitized sheet music.
  • Temple Sheet Music Collection  This sheet music collection from the Temple University Libraries brings together 850 pieces of music for consideration by the general public. Visitors can search the collection as they see fit. They will find that most of the music here is from the Gilded Age and earlier.
  • World War I Sheet Music From Brown University
  • Sheet Music Collections links to sheet music collections that are available to the public. (LII)
  • Sheet Music This site features free sheet music and lessons for several different instruments, including guitar, piano, trumpet, and flute. (RB)
  • Charles H. Templeton Sheet Music Collection includes blues, rags, movie tunes, show tunes, Irving Berlin, war songs, and minstrel songs. (SR)
  • Sheet Music from Indiana University
  • 8notes.com 1500 free sheet music pieces and riffs. (LII)
  • UCLA Digital Library Sheet Music Project browse the collection by keyword, selected fields (such as composer or title), and date (SR)
  • World War I Sheet Music From the Center for Digital Initiatives at Brown University, see music that is about World War I. (SR)