Pindrop Concert: SETH GLIER


Saturday December 30, 2017
8:00 pm

All reserved seats
Reserved standard seats $25 / Reserved table seats $35
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Seth Glier returns for a Pin Drop Concert! If you are interested in the dinner and a concert on December 31, click HERE.

Seth Glier’s new album “Birds” is steeped in conflict and contradictions. Grief and loss give way to strength and resilience. Doubt collides with dismay, yet also offers a sense of optimism as Glier confronts heavy topics and wrestles them into the daylight.

The songs on “Birds” range from personal to political and are bound together by the awareness that our world is a fragile place and is all the more magical for it. Glier makes that point on a large scale with “Water on Fire,” a terse, grinding tune that opens with a cynical reworking of a Ray Charles lyric as Glier uses the metaphor of fracking to dig into the false equivalence between freedom and capitalism. “Hasn’t Hit Me Yet” is about the death of Glier’s autistic brother and reveals a more visceral, intimate approach: the soulful slow jam, full of warm guitars and multi-tracked vocals.

The album began taking shape after Glier lost his brother, Jamie, and inspired a TEDx Talk that Glier gave in 2016. “My brother passing away was a huge component of where I was and what I was looking for,” Glier says. “In particular I was looking for meanings, wanting his life to mean more than just being over.”

For a long time afterward, Glier passed the time by writing songs and inspecting each melody with the feathered fellows by his windowsill. Instead of recording the album in a Los Angeles studio, as he did on his 2015 album “If I Could Change One Thing”, he decided to make “Birds” at home.

“I thought that I should just stay close to the windows here,” Glier says. “I think this sort of happened by accident, but by the time I started recording the record, it was fall in New England, which is a profoundly beautiful death. The air is full of honesty, the sky is full of geese, and there is bright gorgeousness woven into the dying of things. It all seeped into the textures of this record.”

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Event Date 12-30-2017 8:00 pm
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Individual Price All reserved seats Reserved standard seats $25 / Reserved table seats $35
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