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September 2019

Sparta basketball: 100 years, by Jim Tuinstra

History of Sparta Football 1903-2010, by Jim Tuinstra

History of Sparta Baseball 1906-2017, by Jim Tuinstra

Citizen's Guide to State Government 2019-2020

Descendants of Abraham House United Empire Loyalist of Yarmouth Township Ontario, by Ross W. McCurdy

Irving Hyrns and Irene Pierce: A Multicultural Genealogy Volume 1: The Hyrns, by Michael Matthews

Irving Hyrns and Irene Pierce: A Multicultural Genealogy Volume 2: The Pierces, by Michael Matthews

Historic Homes of Cheshire County New Hampshire, by Marjorie Whalen Smith

Peninsula Pilgrimage: An Off-beat Journey Through Stately Historic Virginia, by Elizabeth Valentine Huntley

Locating Your Immigrant Ancestor, by James C. Neagles and Lila Lee Neagles

Deadly Aim: The Civil War Story of Michigan's Anishinaabe Sharpshooters, by Sally M. Walker

Stewards of the State: The Governors of Michigan, by George Weeks

In the Pines - Part II: An Atlas of Michigan Logging Railroads, by James S. Hannum

October 2019

Get My Drift? : A Memoirable Life, by Peggy Jensen

Destination: The Haven, by Wallace K. Ewing

Detroit in World War II, by Gregory D. Sumner

November 2019

Index of Vital Statistics From the Muskegon Chronicle 1957 & 1958, compiled by Matthew Burns

American Indian Axes and Related Stone Artifacts, by Lar Hothem

Indian Artifacts of the Midwest, by Lar Hothem

History of the Twenty-fourth Michigan of the Iron Brigade, Known as the Detroit and Wayne County Regiment, by O.B. Curtis

To the Sound of Musketry and Tap of the Drum: A History of Michigan's Battery D Through the Letters of Artificer Harold J. Bartlett, by James G. Genco

For Country Cause & Leader: The Civil War Journal of Charles B. Haydon, edited by Stephen W. Sears

Blood on the Water: The Great Lakes During the Civil War, by Frederick Stonehouse

Protecting the Flank: The Battles for Brinkerhoff's Ridge and East Cavalry Field, Battle of Gettysburg, A History and Tour Guide, by Eric J. Wittenberg

Romanies in Michigan, by Martha Aladjem Bloomfield


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