Government Documents

Hackley Public Library has been a Federal Depository Library since 1894. We have a mostly online selection available to anyone with an Internet connection.

What is a Federal Depository Library (FDL) you ask? Well, the Federal Depository Library Program was established by Congress in 1813 so that all Americans would have access to government information that had been created with public money. An FDL receives publications from the government on a regularly scheduled basis. These documents are cataloged and made available to the public. A Regional FDL collects upwards of 100% of government publications. Here at HPL, we collect about 7%, many of which are online . We try to collect documents that fit the needs of our patrons. The nearest Regional FDL is the University of Minnesota. If we don't have something a patron needs we can get it, or a copy of it, from them.

You may now wonder what kind of information is included in these documents? Good question! Because every agency of the government is required to provide copies of all their publications to the depository system, just about anything can be found in government documents. Careers, business information, health information, legal information, demographics, you name it!

The government has put many of their publications on-line in an effort to reach even more people. Not everything is available, but more is coming online everyday.  We are adding links in the catalog for many documents. Just click on the link just above the call number. And remember, if you can't find it, check with the Librarians!